Results expected

  • Identification of crop risk indices based on Earth Observation, reliable meteorological databases and agrometeorological models.
  • Development of a crop damage assessment information service that enable users to monitor different parameters, to assess crops damages and to define risk levels.

More specifically,

  • For the Calamity Fund , the pre-operational information service provided a relevant web based tool allowing the identification of calamity areas and monitoring the eligibility of compensation claims. The pre-operational tool has been used to assess the extent and the intensity of drought during the 2011 crop growing season.
  • For the na tional or regional authorities , the tool provides information for crop monitoring.
  • For the insurance sector , through provision of data and information, the tool may help to create new insurance products
  • For the scientific partners the outcomes are an improved version of B-CGMS to facilitate the realisation of agrometeorological bulletins and the combination of the crop indices for crop damage assessment.


Final workshop